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Would you like Pastoral Care or a Visit?

Throughout Covid, pastors and members of the Congregational Care Team have continued our ministry of visiting and offering care. However, care and visits are now complicated. Institutional rules and safety precautions can even prevent visitations. If you would like a visit or call, please reach out any time. We are proactive in visiting people, but we also need to hear from anyone who would like a connection so that we don’t miss anyone in need. The pastors can be reached by email, cell phone, or through the church office. Hamblen is a church family. May the Lord continue to connect us with one another in safe ways even during the pandemic. 

Pastor Steve Watts

Direct Line: 509-385-0621

Cell: 509-251-0366

Pastor Jennie Barber

Direct Line: 509-385-0622

Cell: 206-794-0689

Katie Haney photo.jpg

Rev. Katie Haney

Church Office: 509-448-2909

Cell: 509-840-3456

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