As we (finally) say good-bye to 2020, we’re looking forward to a new year where we see more hope, more joy, more connection. Though we don’t have any way to discern what lies ahead, I am confident we will see God working in our midst. Now more than ever, it seems fitting that Christians begin every new year with the season of Epiphany. The word “epiphany” finds its roots in the Greek word “epiphainein” meaning to reveal. In this season, which begins in January and ends at the start of Lent, we look for glimpses of God at work in our lives. We anticipate discovering who God is through the ministry of Jesus Christ. I hope God’s presence will be revealed to us as we begin a new sermon series “Come and See: Unexpected Encounters with Jesus”. Throughout Jesus’ life and ministry, people met him in surprising ways, ways that profoundly impacted their lives. Together, we’ll explore their stories in the gospels and see how we might be called to meet Jesus in new ways. Friends in Christ, though we can’t see what 2021 holds, I’m grateful the Spirit will move in each of us to reveal God’s love, grace, compassion, justice, and peace. Come and see what God is doing as we follow Jesus together!

         Blessings, Pastor Jennie

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