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Steps to a Planned Gift

We are grateful to those who came before us for all of the ministry that they have made possible. Now it is our turn. We are entrusted to care for this mission -  and ensure that it thrives in brand new ways for those who come next.

STEP 1: Learn what planned giving really is...

OPPORTUNITY: It is for you who care so deeply about Hamblen Park Presbyterian Church and what happens beyond your lifetime. Planned Giving enables you to provide for those who come next, whom you may never know.

THE GIFT OF YOUR LIFETIME: For most of us, our planned gift is the largest and therefore the most impactful gift that we will make.

CONVERTING YOUR THINGS INTO MISSION FOR GENERATIONS TO COME: Through a planned gift, when you no longer have need for your things - like your financial, personal, and real assets - you can share them back into this ministry to benefit countless others.

PERSONAL: Even after your lifetime, this is how you can still serve as Jesus Christ's hands in the world, providing means for an enriching ministry and uplifting outreach.

LEADERSHIP: As a leader, people watch what you do. Your planned fit teaches others to re-deploy the resources they have to lift up others - during their lifetimes and after.

STEP 2: Design your gift...

Crafting Your Gift:

Your financial picture is unique...and so is your planned gift.

Planning your gift may enable you to send more to ministry or to protect more future value for you and your loved ones. Here are some of the more common gifts that you might consider:

BEQUEST: Make a gift after your lifetime through your will or trust. This can be a fixed dollar amount, a specific asset, or a percentage of your estate.

RETIREMENT ACCOUNT: This can be the most heavily taxed asset in many estates. Choosing this as your gift might leave your less tax-burdened assets to your loved ones.

REAL ESTATE: Contributing property after your lifetime or when it is no longer needed can be a game-changing gift.

CHARITABLE TRUST: Trusts can combine flexible benefits including a generous income, tax benefits, and a powerful gift to the church.

OTHER: Many other giving opportunities might prove ideal for your situation.

Caring for estates and assets often requires help.

In order to make sure a particular planned gift fits your situation, we suggest that you consult with your professional advisor on how this gift would fit into your plans.


STEP 3: Impact the future...

Our Care for Your Gift:

The Endowment ensures that your gift provides extraordinary service now and for those who will follow us.

An endowment is a way for us to pass on resources for excelling in ministry not just to the next generation - but to the one after that - and then to all of the generations who follow.

The endowment invests and preserves an ongoing financial corpus, which annually distributes a percentage (currently 4%) to exciting opportunities for ministry.

In any given year, the endowment may provide for a number of projects and needs like:

  • Facility expansion and maintenance

  • Mission trips

  • Seminary scholarships for church members

  • And much more

Continuing your work here through these ministries is possible through your planned gift to the endowment.

If your passion is in a specific area, please contact the endowment committee to discuss the opportunity and criteria to set up your own endowed fund.


The Endowment Trust invests these funds and carefully oversees the investment management so that your charitable gift continues to grow in value and impact over time.

STEP 4: Teach generosity...

Maximize the Power of Your Gift:

Letting people know that you made a gift - and why - amplifies the power of your gift.

We teach by demonstrating our values through our words and actions. Now that you have made a gift, you may expand your impact by sharing with loved ones the why of your gift.


Share the news of your gift with:

Your loved ones so that -

  • they can witness your commitment beyond your lifetime.

  • they can follow your example to plan their own legacy for the future.

Hamblen Park Presbyterian Church so that -

  • we may thank you properly and ensure your future intentions are honored.

  • others may witness your joy and explore their own pathway to such a gift.

Help & Information...

We are Here to Help!


If you would like to learn more about the endowment or making your gift, please contact 

the church office at 509-448-2909 or, and we will connect you with:


Keith Thompson, Committee Member

Kyle Ham, Committee Member

Rev. Rob Hagan, Presbyterian Foundation

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Thank you

for considering a Legacy Gift!

Hamblen Park Presbyterian Church

growing active followers of Jesus Christ and building his community

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