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Catholics and Presbyterians: Let's Talk

Do you or someone in your family have Roman Catholic roots? Ever wondered why you are not allowed to take communion in a Catholic church, or why they have a Pope and we don't? How can we be the Body of Christ across the Catholic/Protestant divide? This fall, we were privileged to have acclaimed Whitworth theology professor Dr. Karen Petersen Finch leading and challenging us toward richer dialogue with our Catholic brothers and sisters. Read and listen in by clicking the links below.

Session 1: Introduction to the Ecumenical Movement

Session 1 Outline

 Session 1 Nicene Creed Handout

 Session 1 Powerpoint

Session 2: What is dialogue and how do you do it? 

Session 2 Outline

Session 2 Class Recording

Session 2 Extra Document: Joint Declaration

Session 3: Thorny issue #1: Predestination in Calvin and Aquinas

Session 3 Outline

Session 3 Class Recording

Session 3 Handout: Aquinas and Calvin

Session 3 Powerpoint

Session 4: Thorny issue #2: Why have a Pope?

Session 4 Outline

Session 4 Class Recording

Session 4 Handout: Papal Primacy

Session 4 Powerpoint

Session 5: Thorny issue #3: Why can't we share the eucharist?

Session 5 Outline

Session 5 Handout: The Heidelberg Catechism

Session 5 Powerpoint

Dr. Petersen Finch is working on a book called, Local Ecumenism: A Primer. Read the preface and first chapter here.

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