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COVID-19 Ministries

Hamblen Covid-19 Response Campaign

Join us in a special campaign to raise funds for Covid-19 Relief for our community and the world. Click here to read more about how you can get involved, or read more below for specific ministries you can get involved in during this time.

Groceries to the Porch 

This team will bring essentials to those who cannot leave their home. (Under 60 and non-vulnerable only.) To get involved, email Heather Notske at or call 509.385.0627. You can also request a delivery or get a copy of the guidelines from Heather. Currently, this ministry is serving the HPPC congregation and neighborhood only.

Groceries to the Porch

Phone Contact Team

People involved in this ministry make regular phone calls to church members who are isolated. You can request to be matched with someone who would like a phone call by emailing Pastor Jennie at or call 509.385.0622. You can also request to receive a call by contacting Pastor Jennie.

Phone Contct Team

Other Ministries to Support Our Community

Donate blood through Vitalant by making an appointment online. There is an increased need and decreased supply, currently.

You can make masks at home to free up certified masks for healthcare workers. We continue to monitor recommendations about everyday mask use and will update as needed. Currently, it is recommended that individuals wear washable masks in public.

Westminster Food Bank

This food bank is in high demand and more volunteers are needed: UNDER 60 ONLY due to COVID -19 restrictions. Wednesdays and Fridays, 10 AM-2 PM (all CDC guidelines followed). Contact Westminster Presbyterian Church at 509-328-5002 for more information.

An email network that prays for prayer requests from the congregation. Anyone can submit a prayer request for others to pray over.

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