What is an "active follower of Jesus"?


Hamblen Park Presbyterian Church is called to grow active followers of Jesus Christ and build his community. But, what does it mean to be an "active follower of Jesus Christ"?


It might be tempting to answer this question using Christian books, popular leaders, or cultural ideas. However, there is no better place to learn what it means to follow Jesus than the New Testament. First century disciples lived out their faith in amazing and counter-cultural ways. Discover what it looked like for first century believers to follow Jesus. Below you'll be introduced to seven highlights of New Testament discipleship and learn how to apply them to our lives today.


Being an active follower of Jesus is an adventurous and unique way of life.

An active follower of Jesus Christ is guided in all of life  by a direct relationship with Jesus and by a competent understanding of the message of Jesus. 

Active followers of Jesus Christ use God-given gifts to serve others in church and world.

Active followers of Jesus Christ are connected to the family of God through a local church.

Active followers of Jesus Christ are subjects of the Kingdom of God.

Active followers of Jesus Christ are focused on outreach.

Active followers of Jesus Christ are characterized more by a lifestyle of poverty than by material concerns.

Active followers of Jesus Christ nurture Christ-centered worship in all of life.

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