Great News!

As you may know, we have concluded an extensive, nationwide search for a Director of Worship.  The search team was made up of Pastor Steve, Maureen Correia, Bridget Boodel, Barry Brathovde, and Ann Seaburg. The search process was bathed in prayer and our final candidate was put through the wringer. The team conducted several interviews, viewed performance videos, met the candidate’s family, had long conversations with references, and received results of background checks. The candidate led worship at our church, rehearsed with our staff and volunteer musicians, and met the staff. Feedback was solicited from everyone. The team is thrilled to introduce our new Director of Worship. He and his family are an answer to prayer.

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Meet Scott Dicken

Our new Director of Worship Arts is Scott Dicken. Scott brings a deep faith in Christ and a lifelong sense of call to ministry. He has served as a fulltime worship director at churches both larger and smaller than HPPC. This includes worship directing at Bethany Church of Sierra Madre, CA, Trinity Covenant Church of Salem, OR,  Christ United Methodist Church of Farmers Branch, TX, and in other musical roles at 5 additional churches throughout California and Oregon.  Scott has a Master of Music (Studio Music and Jazz) and a Bachelor of Music (Music Business and Industry) from the University of Miami. This included a minor in vocal performance, classical, theatre, and Jazz voice training, as well as conducting.

Scott has a passion for contemporary and traditional worship music and is gifted at leading both. He has a vision for blended worship that will resonate with our intergenerational congregation and also connect with visitors and guests. He plays the guitar, piano, and other instruments. He brings several spiritual gifts to our staff and congregation that we need which is one reason the search team believe God is calling him and his family to serve with us.

Scott also has teaching experience at colleges and universities in Oregon and California and administrative experience through corporate work at Warner Pictures. His background includes music and voice performance for theater, television, concerts, albums, and feature films including Superman Returns, X-Men 2, Wanted, and Austin Powers Goldmember! He’s humble, easy to hang out with, and makes music and ministry fun. 

Greetings from Scott and his Family

Hello from Southern CA to everyone at Hamblen Park!  On behalf of myself, my wife Cindy, and our son Kyler, I want to say how happy and blessed we feel to be joining your church family.  During our visit to Spokane in early May, we were overwhelmed by the incredibly generous and welcoming spirit of everyone we met.  I am so excited to be joining the Hamblen Park staff as Director of Worship Arts.  Musically speaking, I am a chameleon of sorts in that I love both traditional AND contemporary worship music and I enjoy bringing these distinct musical languages together in worship.  So let's make a joyful noise unto the Lord!  God has always been a tangible presence in my life and I am constantly amazed by his unwavering love and faithfulness.  I look forward to seeing where the Spirit leads us as we come together in our walk with Jesus.

Peace, love, music & joy!
Scott Dicken

Here’s What People Are Saying


“I have the highest regard and respect for Scott.

He is incredibly creative but is also a great listener.

He has a wide range of music he is comfortable with but is always open to other ideas.

He has a great understanding of worship.”

-Dan Johnson, Trinity Covenant Church

“Scott is so gifted in performance, writing, and arranging,

yet he is humble and collaborative. I hated when he left!

I would have him back in a heartbeat!”

-Kenny Dickson, Pastor of Christ United Methodist Church

“There is nothing Scott can’t do musically.

Scott is on the first-call list to perform at venues in the community.”

-Matt Falker, Professor of Music

“I loved the guest guitar player. He was amazing.

You could tell he loved what he was doing - so many smiles

and an abundance of energy and spirit!”

– an HPPC member

When will Scott Start?

Scott’s first day of work will be June 20, however, worship is planned well in advance, so you will notice a transitional season as our worship ministry grows. 

How can I reach Scott?

After June 20, Scott will be in the office. His office phone will be 385-0624 and his email address

Will our Worship Services Change?

Part of Scott’s job description is to develop a richer experience of “blended” worship which integrates modern and traditional elements, including a variety of instrumentalists and small musical groups. This is not a change in our approach to worship design, but we believe that over time our worship experience will become more friendly to visitors and include both “head and heart” by drawing all of us more fully into the experience of worship. Additionally, we expect that our volunteer musicians will feel more supported, encouraged, and equipped. That will also have a positive outcome in our worship experiences. 

What is a Worship Director and Why Do We Need One?

This is not a new position. A Worship Director is considered essential at most churches like ours. In fact, when starting a conventional church, it is always the second position created (after the pastor).  A Worship Director equips the church for all aspects of worship and leads music ministries in cooperation with staff and volunteers. In the past, Hamblen has filled this role with multiple part-time positions. This included staff hours from several positions such as the Choir Director, the Associate Pastor, the office staff, and The Director of Ensembles. More recently, Kyla Fague, our Choir Director, served a portion of the role in an interim capacity during the search. She will now step out of that role, but continue as Choir Director. 

How does this position fit into the budget and staff model at Hamblen?

If you’re interested in the details this is the question for you! The session redistributed staff responsibilities so that we could be more aligned to mission and keep personnel costs reasonable. Therefore, the following changes were made:

  1. The Director of Ensembles Ministry position was eliminated following Dave Wakeley’s retirement. This role is now part of the Worship Director role.

  2.  When our previous Associate Pastor, Betsey Moe, moved into missionary work, worship design and music responsibilities were removed from the Associate Pastor role and made part of the Worship Director role. 

  3.  Supervision of staff, guest, and volunteer musicians was consolidated into the Worship Director role.

  4. The Administrative Assistant position was reduced from full time to half time. In part, this was accomplished by shifting some worship administration and volunteer recruitment duties to the Worship Director role.

  5. Adult Education responsibilities were removed from the operations position and placed with the Associate Pastor.

  6. Following the retirement of Pastor Brad, caring and visitation ministries shifted to the Associate Pastor role. This enabled us to reduce from 2.5 FTE pastoral positions to 2.  (We hope that reduction is temporary, but due to nationwide increases in personnel and benefits costs our giving will not currently support three pastors.)

  7. Our budget for guest musicians will decrease in the future. It was increased during the interim season to compensate for the vacant Worship Director position. 

  8. Staff hours for mission and outreach had to be reduced, but Pastor Steve will give more time to this and we hope more volunteers will step up. We also hope that in the future we will be able to staff this mission-critical ministry. Additionally, the staff is developing a strategy to widely share responsibilities for mission and outreach.

  9. Some of these changes enabled us to offer a medical insurance benefit to our full-time directors. We are now a better employer that meets the needs of employees in the current job market and economic environment. Providing a medical benefit to our full-time director-level staff is the result of a long time goal and brings us on par with other Presbyterian churches of our size. 

  10. With Joe Bruce’s retirement, we are currently searching for a Director of Children and Family Ministries. Spread the word and check out the position . The search team is made up of Pastor Steve, Joe Bruce, Allan Scruggs, Hillary Ham, and Amber Wagenblast. 

  11. Many other changes were made by our amazing staff. We are grateful for their faith, gifts, professionalism, experience, and for developing a healthy staff community based on teamwork and Christian fellowship.

Please say thank you to the Personnel Committee and the Session for their work and their unanimous support for all of these changes. You can see a list of current elders on the church website. The personnel committee includes JoAnn Grennell, Mike Delaney, Steve Sparks, Judy Page, Barry Brathovde, and Curt Craig.