Four Goals

We believe that God is calling Hamblen Park Presbyterian Church to grow active followers of Jesus Christ and build his community. We want all of our ministries to align to this purpose. Recently, our session (board of elders) set four goals that we are exploring to increase our missional awareness and impact. Check them out:

Number One

Small Groups and Connections

Our first goal is to revitalize our small group ministry and also help newcomers, new members, and fringe members connect in relationship with one another. 


Completed Steps:

  1. Session determined that funding a staff position for this ministry was not possible in 2019

  2. Job description for "Director of Active Discipleship" complete

  3. Childcare provided for any group at any time

  4. Communications updated to reflect an everything-is-a-group philosophy


  1. After completing a "Staff Alignment" to our new mission statement, Heather Notske will take the role of Director of Ministry Operations and Small Groups. She will shepherd our new small groups emphasis.

Number Three


Our third goal is to remodel the nursery and improve child safety including check-in and security. 


  1. Two designs being pursued

  2. Broad input received

  3. Problem identified

  4. Estimates requested

  5. $10k of endowment for 2018 set aside for facilities improvements

  6. A new task force was formed April 9 to move forward

  7. Present concrete proposals to session

  8. Begin construction

  9. Coordinate with preschool

Finished! Construction is under way!

Number Two

Sunday Morning Welcome

Our second goal is to create and implement an outstanding Sunday morning welcoming experience. This may include changes to coffee, food, seating, opening up a wall, serving before and after all services. 


Completed Steps:

  1. Bulletin redesigned to prioritize newcomers

  2. Explored adding video signage throughout facility

  3. New and intentional setup for coffee hour every Sunday

  4. Leaders wear robes less to create a warmer environment (on-going)

  5. Coffee may be self-served.

  6. Coffee welcome in the sanctuary during services

  7. Dir. of Min.Operations now coordinates logistics

  8. Dir. of Min. Operations supports welcoming of newcomers on Sunday morning

  9. Passing of the Peace in worship now has reduced time

  10. "Prayers of the People" format favors newcomers and visitors and is more intentional and organized.

  11. A few sit-down tables now always included in setup

  12. Usher training

  13. "Insider" pictures removed from Fellowship Hall

  14. Purchased and installed a commercial hot beverage service system.

  15. Improved materials for Sunday Morning Fellowship

  16. Scheduled photographer for picture directory this summer/fall


Finished! We have more to do, but we completed all the steps in this goal. Sunday morning is now friendlier to visitors.

Number Four


Our fourth goal is to create a "dream" document for committee and ministry reorganization based around our mission.


We completed several meetings and discussions. Session has reviewed several ideas.

Finished! We have a "dream" document in the form of an organization chart that gives us direction and possibilities.

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