The Offices of Elder and Deacon are elected by the members of the congregation.

Elders are persons of faith whose primary loyalty is to Jesus Christ alone. As spiritual leaders, uniquely called to this office, elders seek to grow in faith and to lead by spiritual discernment. Together elders have the responsibility to create, uphold, and implement a unified vision for our church.

Nancy BiggerstaffBuilding and Grounds
Rory Williams
Rory WilliamsBuilding and Grounds
Carol Granly
Carol GranlyChristian Education - Adults
Marionna AuldChristian Education - Children
Sandy Jones
Sandy JonesChristian Education - Youth
Barry Brathovde
Barry BrathovdeFinance and Administration
Tom Kuuskvere
Tom KuuskvereFinance and Administration
Ashton Preuninger
Ashton PreuningerGlobal Mission
Judy Page
Judy PagePersonnel
Steve Sparks
Steve SparksPersonnel
Dana Fike
Dana FikePreschool
Keith Thompson
Keith ThompsonStewardship
Stan Drumm
Stan DrummWelcoming
Janet Ray
Janet RayWorship
Kyle HamAt-Large