The Ten Words: Lessons on the Commandments

A special series taught by Whitworth Professor of Philosophy Dr. Keith Wyma on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. in the Skylight Room September 10-November 26

The Ten Commandments (or the “Decalogue”—the “ten words”) are roughly 3,000 years old.  Their original social context has changed dramatically; What would it mean to try to apply the Commandments into our lives today (Who makes “graven image” idols anymore)?  We will investigate the original context and meaning of the Commandments and their relation to Jesus and the New Testament. We’ll also examine the moral grounds that would make the Decalogue just as obligatory for us as for its original audience.  And finally, we’ll concentrate on what concrete impact it would have on us to obey (or disobey) the Commandments in our daily lives.

Come on as many Sundays as you are available and embrace this opportunity to learn from a visiting scholar! Class will not meet on November 19.

Dr. Keith Wyma joined the Whitworth University faculty in 1998. He teaches courses in Ethics and Philosophy and enjoys extending the ministry of teaching to area churches.