Connect & Learn

We at Hamblen believe that growing as a disciple is a rewarding, life-long process. The broad theological umbrella at Hamblen allows for participants of both conservative and progressive backgrounds to have a voice and a place in shared study. Our Christian Growth classes, fellowship opportunities, and small groups will empower you to:

  • Build positive relationships with people from all walks of life.
  • Grow in Biblical understanding, starting wherever you are on your journey with God.
  • Learn more about what we as Christians believe, as well as what makes us unique as Presbyterians.
  • Understand the basic practices of the Christian faith and be empowered to incorporate those practices into your life.
  • See yourself as Christ’s disciple, partnering with God to bring justice and love in the name of Christ to a broken world.

We offer a variety of forums and classes on Sunday mornings and throughout the week.

On-going small group opportunities connect those who desire to grow in faith with a smaller community. Contact Pastor Betsey if you are interested in joining or starting a small group.